Our Mobile Patrol service is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a cost-effective solution that is an efficient and visible deterrent.

Our patrolling officers are fully licensed and insured to provide a range of security services on a routine basis or through unscheduled visits, including:

  • Perimeter and surveillance patrols
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Ad-hoc access for contractors
  • Building insurance inspections
  • Investigation of suspicious activity
  • Power to arrest
  • Alarm and response
  • Lockup and alarm
  • Parking enforcement
  • Public relations
  • Observe and report
  • Communication and general duties

Our management team will attend your site to get an understanding of your requirements and the premises. They will also draw up a full set of site instructions before training the mobile patrolling officer on your specific business requirements.

We use high visibility security warning boards, positioned around your business premises to act as an additional deterrent, detailed with our 24-hour control room number. Electronic security and site verification patrol checkpoints are also rolled out across the site in pre-agreed locations to ensure critical areas’ security. We also use downloadable reporting to evidence the completion of duties and patrols.

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